A leadership group for 16-23 year olds who are keen to develop their own skills, be a positive role model and make a difference.
Involved in healthy youth development opportunities and pathways through Rangatahi events and skill based activities with a young vibe.

We Are Synergy And We Bring The Energy!

Synergy Benefits


Providing support for Rangatahi to step outside their comfort zone and develop their communication, facilitation and overall leadership skills


The opportunities to upskill, through workshops; attending professional development training; then running kaupapa that put these skills into action.
They will always be able to grow.


To bring together Rangatahi from around Waikato Tainui, to build connections and relationships within the youth.


Exposing young minds to different environments where they aren’t limited to cliche ways of living and thinking, encouraging them to think outside the box.

Feedback from Synergy Members