Community Action on Youth and Drugs

Raahui Pookeka – Huntly

“Don’t tell me, show me”

– Harry Waikai

Community action is a strategy for creating community-based change towards specific social and environmental policy objectives.  It is informed by evidence including local, cultural and academic knowledge, and relies on developing and mobilising capability and leadership from local communities.

Liquor licensing information and objection forms

Have your say on alcohol.

Rangatahi Aatea Fund Application Form

Fund available for Youth-Led initiatives focused on positive outcomes for Raahui Pookeka Rangatahi (Huntly Young People).

Community Forums Information

Stay connected, stay informed. Upcoming events in our community.

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Raahui Pookeka CAYAD Coordinator

Jaydine Tapine


E kore tenei whakaoranga e huri ki tua o aaku mokopuna maaku ano e hanga I toku nei whare. Ko te tahuhu he Hiinau, ko nga poupou o roto he mahoe he patete.

Kiingi Tawhiao

Sometimes we just have to make do but we need to start with a plan!!!

Our hope after this hui is that we are all bro’s and how our Huntly Community Chairman and Waahi Paa Powerhouse Sheryl Matenga we make a co-ordinated response and effort in supporting our beloved town!

Here’s a few things we got upto.

Do you have an AoD policy at your mahi? For Rangatahi? Do you need help or update it?