BrotherHood is a young men’s support group for brothers aged 12 – 18 that connects and strengthens identity through tikanga informed practices and fun based outdoor activities.

Benefits of Brotherhood


Brothers can vibe and talk about stuff we don’t normally talk about, including what it means to be a man, and be hearty.


Learning about resilience, identity, self-leadership and respect.


We engage in physical challenges and exercise through sports and energetic activities.


Sharing experiences with brothers and all hoods connecting together through mind-opening conversations

Key Details

When: 5pm-8pm, Every Wednesday night during the school term
Where: Black Castle 9 Ward Lane
Who’s welcome: Young brothers 12-18
Cost: Free as!
What: We provide a kai and a ride home at the end of the night within the Hamilton area

Brotherhood Tuakana

Tamehana Moanaroa

Tamehana Moanaroa


Donson Pique

Donson Pique