Name: Ngaire Te Ahu
Role in TAaR: CAYAD Morrinsville (Community Action Youth and Drugs)
Your interest in TAaR
Mana Ake: Rangatahi are leading in many different ways, places in society and in life. My interest has and will always be to support positive leadership development for the present and future leaders to come. I am proud of the past and present legacy of leaders that have come from the ‘puna’ of Te Ahurei a Rangatahi and I know with our continued collective tautoko for our rangatahi, our future leaders will be resilient, wise and exceptional.
Experience at TAaR
I am proud to have had the privilege of working for Te Ahurei a Rangatahi for the past 16 awesome years under the leadership of our manager and rangatira Eugene Davis. Throughout my time I have met and worked with the most awe inspiring colleagues and youth leaders who are now leaders leading in their chosen career pathways. It has been a privilege to work with rangatahi from my own iwi, hapuu as well as rangatahi within my haapori or community. CAYAD or Community Action for Youth and Drugs, has provided a vehicle to be able to create positive opportunities for rangatahi as well as promoting policies that are designed to keep rangatahi safe from the risk and harms of abusing alcohol or other drugs (AoD).
Community Action is about communities creating positive change: local solutions for local issues. Morrinsville CAYAD has enjoyed working alongside my community, rangatahi, whaanau and has been a key focus for Morrinsville CAYAD. This has been achieved through the annually held rangatahi and community events, supporting AoD policy development, advocating for positive legislation that will protect rangatahi from AoD harms through positive collaboration with key stakeholders like iwi, hapuu, marae, rangatahi, schools, district councils, district health boards etc. I have enjoyed working alongside our rangatahi to advocate for increased recreation, social and employment opportunities for youth. Our rangatahi are leaders in their own right but need the right environment and tautoko to blossom into resilient and courageous leaders going into the future.

Mate atu he teetee kura, aramai he teetee kura
When one leader passes another will take their place.